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Communicating with each other

OUTBermuda is keenly interested in keeping abreast of the public awareness of LGBTQ issues in Bermuda and especially how such issues are affecting or could affect the LGBTQ community, their family friends and supporters.

We do this in many ways, including having a Board and volunteers who are close to and involved in a lot of these issues in their personal and professional lives. OUTBermuda also monitors mainstream and social media for public sentiments on LGBTQ issues and conducts polls to gather data on the temperature of Bermuda residents on such issues.

A big part of OUTBermuda’s purpose and one of its objects is to advance education to the general public on issues of diversity, inclusiveness, awareness and acceptance as regards LGBTQ issues in Bermuda.

Part of our strategy is to increase public awareness through town-hall educational discussions with local and overseas speakers and hosting movie nights. We also plan on producing printed material and e-versions targeted at different segments of Bermuda’s population based on how such segments feel affected by LGBTQ issues.

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