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23 May 2022
Bermuda Pride Is Under New Management
After 3 consecutive successful years of Bermuda Pride, including the overwhelmingly successful first-ever pride in Bermuda in 2019, Bermuda Pride is transitioning to be a program under the supervision of OUTBermuda, Registered Charity #973.
The founders and organisers of Bermuda Pride in 2019, 2020, and 2021, Liz Christopher, Chen Foley and David Northcott said “On behalf of us and the whole team of volunteers that brought you Bermuda Pride over the past few years, we are honored to have been able to serve our community and act as the vanguard for what pride means on the island.  We are humbled by the tremendous support and encouragement we have received both personally as well as for the events themselves.  In order to ensure the long term success of Pride in Bermuda we feel that moving under the umbrella of OUTBermuda is an important next step.  We have worked closely with OUTBermuda, who were our first sponsors and we know that Bermuda Pride will be in good hands and we look forward to the exciting events they are planning.”
OUTBermuda Director and Chair of the Bermuda Pride Committee, Tunji Tucker stated, “As Bermuda’s only LGBTQ+ focused charity on the island, we believe Bermuda Pride is a good fit for our organization and have been in communication with the previous Bermuda Pride team to ensure a smooth transition.  OUTBermuda has recently bolstered its Board with new members and hired a new Executive Director and our new Bermuda Pride Committee is already engaging in the work to bring you Bermuda Pride 2022 on the weekend of 27th August 2022. “

OUTBermuda would like to thank our Board Member Tunji Tucker for taking on the position of Chair of our Pride Committee for 2022.

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